Create a Website Using HTML5

You want to create a website, but you just don't know where or how to start.

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Before you start, answer this question.

Is your web page building experience going to be a one time venture or do you have intentions of learning the art so that you can create websites for yourself and others down the road?

If it's a one time venture, try the 'Free Website Builder' advertised on the top of this page. It's Easy, Fast and Affordable!

If you're interested in a future in web site building, get started right!

The best way to create websites is to learn a little HTML code and a lot of CSS (Cascading Style sheets).

Found Your HTML Editor?

HTMLPad 2014 - HTML 5 code editorI use HTMLPad 2014 for creating my web pages.

In my opinion, it's the best full featured HTML 5 editor on the market at ANY PRICE.

It has BETTER code editing features than all of the 'over priced' HTML editors put together.

Make a mistake and you see it immediately.

Validate your finished HTML code and CSS via the W3C Validator with a button click.

Easy to set up FTP for uploading your web pages to your server.

For advanced users, it syncs up easily with a localhost server for testing forms and scripts right on your PC.

A handy 'Replace in files' feature, is used to make changes to multiple documents with the click of a button.

Bad speller? Spell check is built in. It has everything!!!

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What You'll Learn Using This Website

Beginners will start with a simple approach to learning:
Seeing + Doing = Learning


You will SEE HTML5 code:

<p>Paragraph code</p>

You will copy it and paste it into a web page you created.


You will SEE CSS code:

p {
font-family: arial, tahoma, serif;
font-size: 16px

You will copy it and paste it into a style sheet you created.


Then you will learn to look at the HTML document with a browser and see how HTML and CSS work together.

And There's More

I think I've covered all the bases for first time web page authors and advanced students.

Beginners might need:

If beginners need help or need something added! Contact Us

7 Step Tutorial (Using NotePad - Copy and Paste)

Beginners are encouraged to work through the 7 Step tutorial several times.

You'll be surprised at how much of the information sinks in about the third time through just by copying and pasting.

Advanced Students

The First Advanced tutorial teaches you to change the entire appearance of the web pages you built in the 7 Step, just by modifying the style sheet.

Then go right into our tutorial on Building a website with a Template

We'll guide you through the process of taking one of our free web templates and converting it into a website.

In the last step you'll add an HTML form and processing script.

HTMLPad 2014

Learn to use this amazing HTML editor. Increase your production 100 fold using this tool.

We'll guide you through the set up process, show you how to build web pages and even how to put your finished pages on the internet.

Lesson #1... Set Up HTMLPad 2014
Lesson #2... Less Typing - Code Snippets and Templates
Lesson #3... Setting Up Projects and FTP
Lesson #4... Creating a Web Page and Style Sheet/Previewing
More Coming Soon!!

Where to Start

Start learning using a HANDS-ON approach with the simple 7 Lesson copy and paste tutorial.

You can also increase your knowledge using the other HTML5/CSS tutorials on this website, including:

HTML tags/elements:


Advanced Helps:


This site will teach you the fundamentals you need to create a website with HTML.

We focus on:



I don't recommend any WYSIWYG editor for building websites.
Avoid: Kompozer, SeaMonkey, all of Microsoft and Adobe's junk.
If it's a WYSIWYG, don't use it.


Try the FREE NoteTab Light editor.

Better yet, Download a Free Trial of HTMLPad 2014.
This is my Preferred HTML editor for creating HTML pages.
Its code editing features are far SUPERIOR to any of the free or commercial editors you've tried..

Planning Your Website

This HTML tutorial teaches the mechanical side of creating web pages.

Before you begin the actual construction of your website, you should visit our Website Design Tutor for information on Research and Planning your website. Includes information on page layout and the use of color.

Web Hosting

It doesn't matter what method you use to create your site, you will require the services of a web host.

We sell the same quality web hosting that we use for as little as $3.25 a month for a single domain.

That price includes free domain registration, free instant set up and all the tools and resources the big boys sell for twice as much.

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