Web Hosting Comparison Chart

No matter what kind of web site you build, you will need a web host in order to publish it on the net.

There are web hosts that specialize in providing features that will appeal to all web site authors.

In our opinion The BEST WEB HOSTS are those that provide The BEST Customer Support.

TOLL FREE telephone support is a must. 24/7 email ticket support with reasonable response times should be provided.

LIVE CHAT tech services are increasing in popularity.

Most web hosts these days are below par on support. Don't expect any help from them if you have problems setting up your website. They have your money and that's all that really matters to them.


Disk refers to the amount of storage space you are provided. Measured in gigabytes.

Transfer refers to the amount of bandwidth or traffic your website is allowed per month. Measured in gigabytes.

Website Size

With falling prices and increases in resources offered by web hosts, the size of a website is becoming irrelevant. 1GB of storage would be enough space to host most of the largest web sites on the internet. 5GB of data transfer or bandwidth a month is enough bandwidth to allow 60,000 visitors per month, if you keep your web pages to 25-50k in size and don't use streaming video.

More Information for Choosing Your Web Host

The performance of your website on any given web server can be determined by many different factors. Some web hosts over sell webspace on shared servers which can slow the speed of your site considerably, because of high traffic volume.

Probably the main reason shared hosting is dirt cheap these days.

The most significant factor will be hardware and backbone connections. Outdated server equipment and sub par connections to the internet can also add to performance problems. A reputable web host will supply this information.

For detailed information on choosing your web host, like amount of storage space and data transfer rate, visit our FAQ

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