How to Copy and Paste

Copy the Code

You can copy the code displayed on our web pages and paste it right into Notepad.

Locate the block of code you want to transfer.

Hold down the left mouse button and run the cursor over the entire block.

As you do the code will highlight in blue.
Copy-paste #1

Right click inside the blue highlighted area.

Then click Copy

Copy #2


Note: The screen shot shown above was created when using a Chrome browser to view the website page. If using a different browser the copy block may look different.

Now open Notepad and Right click inside the editor window.
Click Paste

Copy #3


The code is transferred into the Notepad editor window.

Copy #4


When adding additional blocks of code, set the cursor at the desired location inside the Notepad window by left clicking before you right click to paste.

Be sure to save HTML pages with a .html extension and style sheet pages with a .css extension when using your text editor.